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BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agents record activity in the following log files:

  • agent.log
  • memory.log
  • curl.log
  • schedule_manager.log
  • cache.log

The log files are located on the TEA Agent computer, in the installationDirectory\WorkingFolder\Log folder.

TEA Agent logging levels

You can adjust the logging level to better understand the processes and for troubleshooting.


Adjust the logging level only for the categories you require. Log files can grow very large, very quickly, depending on the TEA Agent activity.

Set the logging level for one or more log files in a single configuration file, located on the TEA Agent computer.

To set the logging level for the TEA Agent

You must have administrator privileges on the computer where the TEA Agent is installed.

  1. On the TEA Agent computer, in the installationDirectory\WorkingFolder\Conf folder, open the log_configuration.xml file.
  2. For each logging category, enter the logging level value: ERRORWARNINFODEBUGTRACE.
    The default value is INFO.
  3. Save the file and restart the TEA Agent service.

After the TEA Agent restarts, old log files are archived and new log files are created.

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