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This section provides information about upgrading the BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent from version 10.0.0 to version 10.1.0

You can upgrade using an interactive wizard, or run a silent (unattended) upgrade script.

The following sections are presented:

Before you begin


 Multiple versions of TEA Agents are not supported on the same computer. Make sure to upgrade all of them to the latest version.

To upgrade the synthetic TEA Agent

  1. Log on to the host computer as a user with administrator privileges and extract the downloaded files to a temporary directory.
  2. To start the upgrade utility, run setup.exe.
  3. On the welcome page, click Next.
  4. Review the license agreement, select I agree to the terms of the license agreement, and click Next.
    The utility checks the environment for required software components and available space.
  5. On the Directory Selection page, select the installation directory of the current TEA Agent installation.


     Make sure to enter the correct path to the existing installation directory.

  6. Review the details in the Installation Preview page, confirming that the Installation Type is Configuration Change, and click Install.
    One of the following responses occurs:
    • Upgrade begins, using the parameters provided from the previous installation.
    • Upgrade cannot begin because the TEA Agent is running. Click Previous and wait for the TEA Agent to stop (or manually stop the TEA Agent) before proceeding.
  7. On the Installation Summary page, click View Log to examine the upgrade log, then click Done to exit the utility.

To verify that the TEA Agent installation was successful

  1. Using Windows Administration Tools to view local services, ensure that the service for the BMC TEA Agent is running. 
    If the service is not running, check in the BMCTEAAgent_upgrade_log.txt file (located in the %temp% directory) for warnings or errors.
  2. Log on to the Presentation Server with Administrator access.
  3. From the navigation menu, select Administration > App Visibility Agents.
  4. Ensure that your installed Agent is listed in the table and that the Agent status is Online.

Where to go from here

After you install the BMC Transaction Execution Adapter Agent, the service automatically starts and the Agent is automatically registered by the Presentation Server. The Agent is ready to receive configuration information.