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As the TrueSight system administrator, you can upgrade App Visibility components from version 10.0 to the current version of App Visibility.

You can upgrade using an interactive mode, or using a silent (or unattended) mode. For most components, the interactive mode employs a wizard. The App Visibility agent for Java employs an interactive command line process.

In a silent upgrade, you define options in a file that provides the settings to the program, and then you run the upgrade program from a command line. 

Upgrade TrueSight Operations Management components in the following order:

  1. Upgrade the App Visibility server.
  2. Upgrade the Presentation Server.
  3. Upgrade agents:


  • As soon as you start upgrading components, data collection stops or is incomplete until all components run the same version.
  • If you are integrating with TrueSight Infrastructure Management, you must apply the  TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.0.500 Open link update.

Where to go from here

Before you begin upgrading App Visibility Manager, prepare for an App Visibility upgrade and check compatibility.

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