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This topic contains the best practices to be adopted when upgrading to the Presentation Server 10.1.


BMC recommends to upgrade the registered components before upgrading the Presentation Server.

  • If you upgrade the Presentation Server and then apply the Infrastructure Management update, you must restart the Presentation Server for changes to take effect.
  • If you do not upgrade your IT Data Analytics Server or App Visibility Portal to the supported version, the data collection fails and the component is displayed in the Disconnected state in the TrueSight console.

For more information about supported versions, see Presentation Server compatibility matrix.

The upgrade and configuration involves the following steps in the order listed:

  1. Review the system requirements and upgrade prerequisites.
  2. Upgrade the registered components to the supported versions:
    1. Apply the Infrastructure Management Server Update  10.0.500 Open link .

    2. Upgrade to the IT Data Analytics Server  2.1 Open link .
    1. Upgrade to the App Visibility Manager 10.1 server components (portal, collectors, and proxies).
  3. Upgrade to the Presentation Server 10.1.
  4. To install and register new components, see the following topics:
    1. To install the Infrastructure Management Server 10.0.500, see  Installing the Infrastructure Management Server Open link .  
    2. To install the IT Data Analytics Server 2.1, see  Installing IT Data Analytics Server Open link .
    3. To install the App Visibility Portal 10.1, see Installing the App Visibility server components.
    4. To migrate the existing configuration. see Migrating.
  5. Upgrade App Visibility and synthetic monitoring agents: