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Issue: Unable to send events after successful registration


  1. Ensure the password for the csm_user user account is the same in both Operations Management and Change Management. For more information, see Changing the password for the csm_user user account.
  2. Ensure that you have successfully registered the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to Operations Management.
  3. Each time you activate the integration, ensure to update the csm_user user account password in Change Management.

Issue: Event not received when a change is scheduled


  1. From the Application Administration Console in Change Management, use the Test Connection option to ensure the connection to Operations Management is working fine.
  2. If the connection is successful, search the CAI:Eventsform for any pending event and view the error code for more information.
  3. If no pending events are found, check arjavaplugin.log in the Change Management server for more information.

Issue: Unable to move the integration to a different Change Management server


  1. Inactivate the current integration by performing the following steps:
    1. From the Administration branch, select Integrations.
    2. Under Change Management Integration, click the action menu and select Edit.
    3. Clear the Activate Integration check box and save the page.
  2. Reopen the page and enter the new Change Management server details.
  3. Select the Activate Integration check box and save the page.

Issue: Unable to see logs related to the integration


The logs are available in the file TrueSight.log at %TSPS_HOME%\truesightpserver\logs

Check rest-access.log for REST calls for integration.

Issue: Will this integration work for non- computer system CIs?


Yes, the integration of BMC TrueSight Operations Management with BMC Change Management works for all type of CIs.

Issue: Unable to view any command-line options for this integration


There are no command-line options to enable this integration.

Use the TrueSight console to enable this integration. For more information, see Integrating with BMC Change Management.

Issue: Unable to integrate with multiple BMC Change Management servers


Currently, integrating with BMC Change Management is supported on a one-one basis. That is, one BMC TrueSight Presentation server can be integrated with only one BMC Change Management server and the other way around.