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This section lists the following troubleshooting tips that you can use if you run into problems when using Central Monitoring Administration:

The integration Services pconfig variable points to an Integration Service in a disconnected state

When you add an Integration Service to a Infrastructure Management Server using Central Monitoring Administration, and the Integration Service does not getting connected when adding it, it appears to be in a disconnected state. In this case, the staging adapter port number for the Integration Service is set as 3183 by default. If the staging adapter port number that you specified when installing the Integration Service is other than the default value of 3183, then on the PATROL Agent you must update the value of the /AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices pconfig variable (if you configured the Integration Service field using the Staging Policy Configuration dialog box) or the value of the /ConfigData/AgentSetup/integration/integrationServices pconfig variable (if you configured the Integration Service field using the Monitoring Policy Configuration dialog box) with the staging adapter port number you specified. You can update the value of the pconfig variable using the PATROL Agent Configuration Utility. For information about pconfig variables, see the BMC PATROL Agent Reference Manual.

The blackout policy is not applied on the BMC PATROL Agent

No blackout is configured on the BMC PATROL even though you have defined a policy with a time frame and conditions that match the BMC PATROL Agent.


  • Check the status of all the policies that have been applied.
  • If only one policy has been applied, ensure that the time frame associated with it has not expired.

  • If there are multiple policies, go through each policy to get its precedence. Set a higher precedence for the policy that you want to apply compared to the precedence of the other policies. Also, ensure that you associate a time frame that has not expired with respect to the time on the BMC PATROL Agent.

PATROL Agent does not restart with the Restart Agent option selected

If you create a policy with valid default account information and later edit the policy to select Restart Agent, the PATROL Agent is not restarted.

To restart the PATROL Agent, use the Query Agent screen in Central Monitoring Administration. For more information, see Executing tasks on BMC PATROL Agents.

Integration Service displays as unknown on a Linux-based BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server

The Integration Service displays as unknown in Central Monitoring Administration. Also, you cannot access the Administration Console remotely.


  1. On the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, locate the /etc/hosts file.
  2. Search for any one of the following entries:

  3. Comment the above entries and save the /etc/hosts file.

  4. Restart the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

Some Infrastructure Management 9.5 repository items might not appear in Central Monitoring Administering 9.0

After importing both the Infrastructure Management 9.5 base and extended repositories, some items might not appear in the Central Monitoring Administration 9.0 Monitor Configuration.

For more information, see Knowledge Base article KA408417 (Support logon ID required).

Tasks do not execute from the Query Agent functionality

When you try to execute a task from the Query Agent dialog box, a confirmation message along with the Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs check box is displayed. If you select this check box and then try to execute any other task in the same dialog box, none of the tasks are executed.

Workaround: Relaunch the Query Agent dialog box. BMC recommends that you do not select this check box.

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