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When importing default policies, an error occurs if you use the 10.0 version of the base repository. 


When importing the default policies the following message appears at the conclusion of the import process:

C:\> CD /D "%TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME%\truesightpserver\bin"
C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\bin> cmapolicymigration.bat import -d "%TRUESIGHTPSERVER_HOME%\truesightpserver\data\oob_policies"

"Import Policy To TrueSight"
Error in importing Policy '799_Basic_Windows_Monitors'. Please check logs
Policy '050_Basic Agent Eventing' imported successfully
Policy '699_Basic_UNIX_Linux_Monitors' imported successfully


Access the file and change the references to 4.8.00 in the three places where it appears in the file to 4.8.10.


Change "solutionVersion" : "4.8.00" to "solutionVersion" : "4.8.10"

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