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The API contains the following topics:

API overview


Request parameters—time (from, to), application

API registration

Use the following URLs to register the API:



Replace the following entries, as required:

httpsProtocol used to send the request
portalHostHost name or IP address of the App Visibility portal

Communication port number of the App Visibility portal.

The default port number is 8100.

Request parameters


Epoch time stamp in milliseconds from which to start the data collection

Use a time stamp converter, such as, to generate the value.


Epoch time stamp in milliseconds from which to end the data collection

Use a time stamp converter, such as, to generate the value.


applicationIdentifying string (automatically assigned) of an applicationYes

Examples and responses for page users

URL example for page users


Sample JSON response for page users

Response content for page users

requestNameName of the request
errorUsersPercentage of users that experience availability issues
latencyUsersPercentage of users that experience performance issues, exceeding the E2E time threshold for the application
totalUserCountTotal number of users for the specified time range

Type of request: PAGE, AJAX, BT (business transaction), EXTERNAL_SERVICE

Examples and responses for page metrics

URL example for page metrics


Sample JSON response for page metrics


Response content for page metrics

Only the specified object is applicable. Other objects are for internal use.

requestNameName of the user request
PAGE_SERVER_LATENCY.avgValueAverage latency, in milliseconds, of all the backend servers, such as web servers, business application servers, and databases
PAGE_NETWORK_COUNT.countNumber of web pages where network time calculations are possible 
PAGE_GOOD_COUNT.countNumber of web pages requests that do not have errors or latency violations
PAGE_NETWORK_LATENCY.avgValueAverage network latency, in milliseconds
PAGE_ERROR_VIOLATION.countNumber of web page requests that have errors
PAGE_SERVER_COUNT.countNumber of servers where server time calculations are possible 


  • maxValue
  • avgValue
Average and maximum values of web page latency, in milliseconds
PAGE_COUNT.countTotal number of web page requests
PAGE_LATENCY_VIOLATION.countNumber of web pages requests that have latency violations

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