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The API contains the following topics:

API overview


Request parameter—id 

API registration

Use the following URL to register the API:


Replace the following entries, as required:

httpsProtocol used to send the request
portalHostHost name or IP address of the App Visibility portal

Communication port number of the App Visibility portal.

The default port number is 8100.

Request parameter


Identifying string (automatically assigned) of the transaction


URL example


Sample JSON response

Response content

The response show details about the transaction fragments, such as the information you can see in the Trace Details view.


If true, all App Visibility collectors are online; if false, some data might be missing


If true, some results might be missing because the portal cannot reach one or more collectors; if false, all results are recorded


Class of request fragment data

Fragments are listed with most recent request first.


Identifying string (automatically assigned) of the application server

applicationApplication name
durationDuration of the request
startTimeEpoch time, in milliseconds, that the request began
topLevelIndication of  the first fragment in the transaction (true) or not (false)
errorViolationIndication of error on the request (true) or not (false)
requestIDIdentifying string (automatically assigned) of the request
latencyViolationIndication that the duration exceeds thresholds (true) or not (false)
traceIdIdentifying string (automatically assigned) of the trace
entryPointEntry point name
exitStatusIf the fragment has an error, the HTTP status code
euemTagObject for internal use

Represents the fragment level regarding the flow of the transaction:

  • fragmentId: "1" represents the top-level fragment, that is the first request of the transaction
  • fragmentId: "1-1" represents a second-level fragment. If the transaction has more than one second-level request, they are represented as fragmentId: "1-2" and fragmentId: "1-3" and so on.
  • fragmentId: "1-1-1" represents a third-level fragment, where the first two numbers are the parent fragment.

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