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The API contains the following topics:

API overview


This API has no request parameters.

API registration

Use the following URL to register the API:


Replace the following entries, as required:

httpsProtocol used to send the request
portalHostHost name or IP address of the App Visibility portal

Communication port number of the App Visibility portal.

The default port number is 8100.

URL example


Sample JSON response

Response content

nameName of the application
idIdentifying string (automatically assigned) of the application in App Visibility Manager
tspsIdIdentifying string (automatically assigned) of the application on the Presentation Server
syntheticIdIf synthetic monitoring is activated, an automatically assigned ID; if not activated, -1
displayNameApplication server display name 

Origin of application:

  •  APM: automatically discovered by App Visibility Manager
  • TSPS: manually created in the TrueSight console
endUserMetricsEnabledEnd-user monitoring enabled (true) or not (false)
automaticModelEnabledAutomatic application model discovery enabled (true) or not (false)

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