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This topic describes the prerequisites that you must perform before you upgrade the Presentation Server from version 10.0 to the current version.  

The prerequisites also apply when you install a Fix Pack on the Presentation Server.


The following are some of the general prerequisites that you must review before upgrading the Presentation Server. 

  • Review the system requirements for the Presentation Server 10.1 and if required, upgrade them.
  • You should be an advanced user with good technical understanding and expertise in using the product. To perform the upgrade, BMC recommends that you are an experienced administrator/user with the following skills:
    • Knowledge of the various components
    • Knowledge of network connectivity and communication protocols
    • Experience as a PostgreSQL administrator
  • Before you upgrade to the Presentation Server 10.1, ensure that any of the components registered with the Presentation Server 10.0 are upgraded to the following versions:

    • BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management version 10.0.500 Open link  


      If you upgrade the Presentation Server and then apply the Infrastructure Management update, you must restart the Presentation Server for changes to take effect.

    • IT Data Analytics version 2.1 Open link  

    • App Visibility Portal version 10.1

      For more information about supported versions, see Presentation Server compatibility matrix.

  • Ensure to close all the files and folders opened in the current session as well as close other user sessions on the server before starting an upgrade.

  • Ensure that the /opt/bmc/ProductRegistry.xml file is present with the installed product details such as the installation directory path and the product version. If the ProductRegistry.xml is not available, contact BMC Support.
  • You must manually stop any components that are directly connected to the Presentation Server (for example, Infrastructure Management, App Visibility components). 

  • If you have custom security certificates for the internal communication between the Presentation Server and App Visibility Manager, ensure that your files are not overwritten by the upgrade process. See instructions "To replace security files for communication with the Presentation Server" in the Changing security certificates in App Visibility components topic.
  • Ensure that the Presentation Server is running before starting the upgrade. If the Presentation Server is not running start the server. To start the Presentation Server, navigate to the <Presentation Server installation directory>\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\bin directory and run the following command:

    (Windows) tssh server start
    (Linux) ./tssh server start &


    You must wait for the status of the Presentation Server to be Running before proceeding.

    On Linux computers, add & at the end of the tssh server start command so that the process runs in the background and you can continue to use the shell.

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