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The BMC TrueSight Operations Management program consists of several components that require their own preparation before they are installed.

It is important to complete these preparation tasks and instructions to ensure that the installation for each component is successful. 

The following topics contain the preparation information for the components.

Preparing to install the...Component description
TrueSight Presentation Server

The Presentation Server receives and analyzes data that is displayed in the Operations Management console.

As the hub of the operations management environment, BMC recommends that you install the Presentation Server first.

App Visibility serverThe App Visibility server receives and analyzes data from the end user's browser and from the App Visibility agents for Java and .NET that are installed on web application servers, and from the synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent.

App Visibility agent for Java

The App Visibility agents for Java and agents for .NET monitor the performance and availability of applications running on application servers.
App Visibility agent for .NET
TEA AgentThe TEA Agent monitors the performance and reliability of worldwide applications through synthetic (also called robotic) transactions.


It is also necessary to complete the preparation for TrueSight Infrastructure Management installation Open link process. 

Where to go from here

After you have prepared for the installation of the different components, you can proceed with their installation instructions.

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