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You can use web services to perform the following functions:

  • register or unregister BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers with Central Monitoring Administration
  • list the available monitor solutions, versions, or monitor types
  • create, delete, or update a policy
  • create, delete, or update a timeframe

The following table lists the web service APIs that perform Central Monitoring Administration functions.

Registering/unregistering the child server
  • register—Registers a Child Server with Central Monitoring Administration
  • deregister—Unregisters a Child Server from Central Monitoring Administration
Listing monitor solutions details
  • solution—Lists the available monitor solutions
  • versions—Lists the available versions for a specific monitor solution
  • monitors—Lists the available monitor types for a specific version of a monitor solution
  • inputparameters—Lists the input parameters for a specific monitor type
Managing policies
Managing timeframes
  • create—Creates a timeframe
  • update—Updates a timeframe
  • delete—Deletes a timeframe
  • list—Lists the timeframe

For information about how to perform the functions from the TrueSight console, see Setting up agents and policies for infrastructure monitoring.