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To launch Central Monitoring Administration, click Central Monitoring Administration in the navigation pane. The Central Monitoring Administration Console is launched in a new browser, window, or tab. To log on to the TrueSight console, see Accessing and navigating the console.

The configuration functionality in the Central Monitoring Administration interface is organized into five major functions or tabs as shown in the following image:


Policies include monitoringblackout, and Integration Service staging configuration.


Servers provide functionality to add Integration Service nodes and BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers to CMA.  This area also provides visualization of connection status, instance synchronization, policy versus non-policy management setting per agent, and agent query capabilities.


The repository includes the following:


General includes configuration of time frames and clusters. The cluster configurations provide high availability support (HA) for the Integration Service processes.

Global thresholds

Global thresholds provide configuration for global thresholds that are stored and acted upon in the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. These thresholds are not applied on the PATROL Agents.

Granting user access to Central Monitoring Administration

Accessing and navigating the console

Getting started with solution administration in the TrueSight console