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When you upgrade from BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management to BMC TrueSight Presentation Server, ensure that:

  1. The TrueSight Presentation Server is installed, integrated with the SSO server, and running.
  2. The Central Monitoring Administration repository is the same for both Infrastructure Management 9.6 or 9.5 and the Presentation Server. To ensure this, perform any one of the following steps:
    1. Import the repository using the repository import option. You can import the original repository zip file or download from the EPD site.

      Use this option if you have only the base or extended repositories and do not have any custom KMs or monitoring solutions.

    2. Copy the repository files from <Infrastructure Management installation directory>\pw\pproxy to <Presentation Server installation directory>\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\modules\cma\pproxy>
      Restart the Presentation Server.

      Use this option if you have custom KMs or monitoring solutions that you want to migrate to the Presentation Server.