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Role-based access (RBAC) to the features and components comprised in TrueSight Operations Management is enabled by persona-based authorization profiles. Each authorization profile is associated with one or more BMC Atrium Single Sign-On realms and comprises user groups, roles and permissions, and objects. Collectively, the authorization profile components determine the features and objects that users can access and monitor. You can use each default authorization profile as is, you can modify its attributes, or you can create your own authorization profiles. 

The following diagram shows the relationship of the authorization profile and its component parts:

To configure access control, you must complete the following steps:

1Set up users and user groups in BMC Atrium Single Sign-On.

Managing users and user groups

2Create or modify the components that compose an authorization profile. You can create or modify these components in any order.

Managing roles

Specifying objects

Creating, editing, and deleting PATROL Agent ACLs

3Modify the default authorization profiles or create new ones.Managing authorization profiles

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Not an on-premises administrator?

To learn about how authorization profiles differ for service providers and SaaS subscribers, see the following topics:

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