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The integration of BMC TrueSight Operations Management with BMC Service Resolution enables TrueSight Operations Management to create incidents in BMC Remedy Service Desk based on events in the cell. It adds business context to incidents by enabling bidirectional flow of information between the cell and BMC Remedy Service Desk.

Supported software versions

The following table lists the supported software versions for the integration:

Software componentVersion
BMC TrueSight Presentation Server10.1

BMC Service Resolution

3.0, 3.0.01, 3.5 Patch 1


  • BMC Service Resolution 3.0.01 is compatible with the Presentation Server when installed on Microsoft Windows.
  • To integrate BMC Service Resolution 3.0.01 with the Presentation Server 10.1, you must first integrate the Presentation Server 10.0 with BMC Service Resolution 3.0.01 and then upgrade to the Presentation Server 10.1. 
  • If you have upgraded to BMC Service Resolution 3.0.01, set the value of the isAppendBPPMName parameter located in the IBRSDinstallationDirectory/conf/IBRSD.conf file to No.

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