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BMC Software recommends that you follow these high-level implementation phases for deploying the BMC TrueSight Operations Management system and for deploying BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager or the BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent . If you are also deploying BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management, see Implementation phases for Infrastructure Management Open link .

If you are new to BMC TrueSight Operations Management, learn about the product's system architecture and usage, and review use cases to learn about which components and features you need to implement for your business.

Plan and design

Follow the planning process and complete the planning worksheets as you size and make decisions regarding the physical architecture, system setup, scalability, and integrations. 

Planning worksheets for Operations Management
Install and configure system components and data providersFollow the installation process for installing BMC Atrium Single Sign-On, the Presentation Server, which hosts the TrueSight console with Central Monitoring Administration, and data providers.

Installation process overview

For the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management installation, see Infrastructure Management installation and system configuration process overview Open link .

Install integrations and configureInstall the integrations that will be required to support the use cases that you plan to implement.Integrating

Populate the system with data by setting up the data providers

Setting up agents and policies for infrastructure monitoring

Setting up and managing synthetic transaction monitoring

Setting up applications for monitoring

Validate data

Set up interfaces and views for monitoring.

Use the product to verify whether or not data is being collected as expected. As you test, research and resolve issues with data population or system configuration.

Monitoring applications

Monitoring synthetic transactions in the Synthetic tier

Monitoring infrastructure devices and events

Check the system components and tune the system performance

Monitor the system components and determine whether the Operations Management system can support the data load.

Contact Customer Support as needed.

Component information

Viewing App Visibility agent status and properties

Viewing the status of Infrastructure Management components in Central Monitoring Administration

Application and Execution Plan status

Performance and scalability


Secure the system and roll out to tenants and end users

Managing users and access control

On an ongoing basis, back up the system. For instructions, see the following topics:

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