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The Device Count by Severity dashlet displays the health of devices based on the severity counts in a chart where the device count is plotted against the severity. The chart displays both the number and percentage (%) of devices under that severity type.


Click the chart data to open the the Devices page, as shown in this figure. 


There could be a mismatch in the number of devices between the Device Count by Severity dashlet, and the Devices view page. This is because, the Devices view page includes those devices that are marked for deletion as well, while the dashlet does not include the devices marked for deletion.


Dashlet requirements

At least one instance of a TrueSight Infrastructure Manager server must be registered with the Presentation Server for this dashlet template to be available.

Configuring the dashlet

You can configure this dashlet when you add or edit a dashboard.

  1. Click Add Dashlet and select the Device Count by Severity dashlet.
  2. Click the Configure Dashlet icon.

  3. Enter a meaningful and descriptive Title for the dashlet.
  4. From the Refresh Rate list, select a frequency for refreshing the chart view.
    The default is 5 minutes.

  5. In the Device Filter section, select an option to filter the device count:
    • Applications (All or Selected)
    • Groups (All or Selected)
    • Device Types (All or Selected)
      For the Selected option, click the  link to search for and add the applications, groups, or device types. A  link is displayed after you selected the applications, groups, or device types. Click the   link to change the selected applications, groups, or device types.


      Differentiating between the All and Select All options

      In the Device Filter section there is a difference in behavior between choosing the All Groups or All Device Types and choosing the Select All option from the Groups and Device Types search dialog boxes.

      • Choose All to select all the groups or devices that are currently in TrueSight. This list changes automatically as groups or devices are added or removed.
      • Choose Select All to select only the items that are returned from a search. The list of groups or devices does not change.

      See the figure for an example.



      If the dashboard user selects an application from the Applications list at the dashboard level, then that selection is honored and takes precedence over the choices selected in this step.


      It is possible that one or more of the seleted applications, groups, or device types were deleted from the TrueSight server after they were selected. In that case, a red colored check box is displayed adjacent to the name of that application, group, or device type as shown in this figure.

  6. From the Status list, select one or more event status to display:

    • Open

    • Acknowledged

    • Assigned

    • Blackout

    • Closed

      By default Open, Acknowledged, and Assigned are selected.

  7. From the Severity list, select one or more event severity to display:

    • Critical

    • Major

    • Minor

    • Warning

    • Information

      By default, Critical, Major, and Minor are selected.


       If no Status or Severity is selected, all types are displayed.
  8. (Optional) Select Include devices only against highest severity. 
    This option counts a device against the highest severity only and excludes the device from being counted multiple times across different severity charts. For example, in the following table, Critical is the highest severity for Devices A and C, Major is the highest severity for Device B, and Minor is the highest severity for Device D. Therefore, this option displays the device counts for Critical as 2 (Devices A and C), Major as 1 (Device B), and Minor as 1 (Device D). 

    Device A22220
    Device B03110
    Device C10110
    Device D0040 0


    When this option is not selected, all devices are counted under their respective severity in the chart.


  9. Select the height of the dashlet row: 1X2X, or 3X
    The value of X is approximately 100 pixels. The default height is 2X.
  10. Click Apply to add the configured dashlet to the dashboard.


    Best practice

    After you save the dashlet, change the dashboard row size settings to 50% or larger.




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