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You can customize the Event Groups page to suit your needs. These settings are individual, user-based preferences and apply only to this page.

From the Event Groups page, click the Event Group Preferences icon, make the desired changes, and click Save to apply the settings.

The following table describes the settings that you can change. 

Define open events as

Specifies the events that are considered as open events in an event group. Choose at least one or all of the following event statuses: Open, Acknowledged, Assigned.

By default, the Open status is selected.

Show severity color for event groups

Displays or hides the severity color on the event group header in tile view, and event group row in table view.

By default, severity color is displayed.

Select highest severity color from

Specifies the highest severity color to be displayed for event groups. You can choose from one of the following options:

Total events - Shows highest severity color from all the events.

Open events - Shows highest severity color from the events that are open. This is the default setting.
Open events can include events depending on your selection in the Define open events as setting.

Note: This setting does not apply if you select No for Show severity color for event groups.

Automatically refresh event groups

Specifies the automatic refresh setting for event groups. You can choose from one to ten minutes. If you select Off, the event groups are not refreshed automatically and you can click Refresh to manually refresh the page.

By default, 2 minutes is selected.

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