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You can customize the Groups page to suit your needs.

These settings are individual, user-based preferences and apply only to the Groups page.

From the Groups page, click the icon, make the desired changes, and click Save to apply the settings.

The following table describes the settings that you can change. These settings apply only to the Tile view.

Maximum Tiles/Records to DisplaySets the maximum number of groups to display on the Groups page. When the number of groups exceeds this value, additional groups cannot be displayed. Review and refine the groups filters or search for the group.
Number of Tiles/Records to Display on ScrollSets the number of groups to download initially to stabilize response time. When you scroll down to view more groups, the same number of groups are downloaded and added to the displayed groups.
Show Source NameDisplays or hides the source name of the group. Applies only to the Tile view.
Show Group TypeDisplays or hides the group type. Applies only to the Tile view.

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