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After you connect a BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server to BMC TrueSight Operations Management, top-level business services will be imported into the Presentation Server as a service application. This enables IT Operations to monitor Infrastructure Management services from the Applications page. Business services are identified by the BMC_BusinessServices configuration item (CI). For information about how to set up service models and CIs, see Defining service models Open link .

You can configure the Presentation Server to import other CIs from the Infrastructure Management server, such as BMC_ApplicationService and BMC_BusinessService, or you can turn off this feature.

To configure CI import by the Presentation Server

  1. On the Presentation Server system, navigate to the BMC Software\TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\conf directory.
  2. Create the file.
  3. To specify additional CIs to import, add an entry as shown in the italicized example below. 


  4. To disable all CIs from appearing in the Application view, clear the parameter values as shown in the example below.


  5. Restart the Presentation Server service.
  6. View your Infrastructure Management services or other CIs from the Applications page.

When you disable this feature by clearing the parameter values and restarting the server, any services that have already been imported are deleted.

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