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After a component is added to the console, it is listed in the Components screen.

The component list includes the information summarized in the following table:

Component informationDescription

The field displays the type of component and its host name or IP address.

  • Initializing
    Data sync started with the component after a successful connection.
  • Initializing Error
    Failure in data sync with the component.
  • Registration Error
    The Presentation Server failed to register this component.
  • Connected
    Successfully established connection and completed data sync.
  • Error
    • The component was added incorrectly.
    • A data sync error with the component.
    • A connection error exists between the Presentation Server and the component.
  • Disconnected
    A connectivity error between the component and the Presentation Server.
  • Deleting
    The Presentation Server is removing the component from the list. When the deletion process is completed, the component's name no longer appears in the list. This process can take several minutes.
  • Deleted
    The component is deleted from the Presentation Server.
  • Delete Error
    The Presentation Server failed to delete the component. It is not deleted from the list.
Host Name/IP AddressThe field displays the host name or IP address, and the port number.
TenantThe field displays the system tenant to which the component is related.
Operating SystemThe field displays the operating system on which the component is installed.
VersionThe field displays the component’s version.

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