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With adjustments to your system and better configuration, application models can display the application structure more accurately.


Nodes are missing from the application model or the application model is not discovered at all.

Probable causes

  • App Visibility agents are not installed on all application servers that serve the application.
  • Application nodes are detected based on application usage by end users; if end users do not follow all the application paths, some nodes might not be detected.
  • The application discovery rules do not detect the application URLs and require adjustment.


  • Install App Visibility agents for Java or .NET on all application servers.
  • Run through application paths and workflows to ensure that the required nodes are detected in the application model. The model changes dynamically as users interact with application nodes, adding new nodes to the application model, and removing nodes from the model after 24 hours of inactivity.
  • Configure application discovery rules to capture the relevant domain or path in the application URL.

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