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The following table lists the components for the TrueSight Operations Management - Base License. For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

TrueSight Operations Management – Base License

Functional componentsTechnical components
TrueSight console
  • TrueSight Presentation Server
  • Simple Service Models (basic grouping of computer systems to business services)
  • Reports
  • PATROL for TrueSight Self Monitoring
    Note: In order to leverage these components, a License Add-on including monitoring, analytics, event or impact management is required.
  • TrueSight Operations Management Reporting 
  • TrueSight Operations Management Solution Reports
PATROL Monitoring
  • PATROL for BMC Server Automation
  • PATROL for Entuity
  • BMC PATROL for Light Weight Protocols*

* Note: Includes ping/port monitors and SNMP monitors (SNMP monitor entitlement is only for network devices)

BMC Performance Manager Portal (Agentless)
  • BMC Performance Manager Portal
  • BMC Performance Manager Portal SDK
  • BMC Performance Manager Express for Lightweight Protocols*
  • BMC Performance Manager Express for SNMP Devices (for network devices only)*
  • Supplementary materials (not required to install the BMC Performance Manager Portal)

* Note: Only entitled via the BMC Performance Manager Portal

PATROL Infrastructure
  • PATROL Installation Utility
  • PATROL Console for Windows (Developer)
  • PATROL Configuration Manager
  • PATROL Agent
Atrium Orchestrator Platform and ContentLicense restrictions apply 1
Atrium CMDB
  • Remedy AR Server and clients 2
  • Atrium CMDB core
  • BMC Service Resolution
  1.  Includes unlimited use of the following Atrium Orchestrator core product components including Repository, Access Manager, Grid Manager, Metrics and Reporting, Operations Actions Management Modules, and Operations Actions Utility Modules. Test and development licenses are provided at no additional cost. Includes license rights to use the following Atrium Orchestrator product components to configure an initial Orchestration environment as detailed here: One (1) Configuration Distribution Peer (CDP) [CDP = A CDP is a Master peer/server that executes all workflows], 3 Development Studio Licenses [Development Studio = Development Studio is a workflow authoring tool used to create and modify workflows], 5 Operator Control Panel Licenses [Operator Control Panel = This is a web-based user interface designed for operators who want to run workflows in semi-automation mode; enabling users to manually launch a workflow, follow its progress in a graphically enhanced view, and provide input as required], and Application Adapters [Application Adapter = an adapter is a system/interfaces/gateways/connectors used to talk to external applications] for BMC products.
  2.  Includes three Remedy AR System user licenses. Additional Remedy AR System user licenses can be used for the sole purpose of using the BMC Impact Management Impact Model Designer tool to build service models. For more information about adding additional user licenses, see Note: If any other functions are being performed with the Remedy AR user licenses, then additional product licenses are required.