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To leverage the Triage and Remediation capabilities that are part of the following BMC TrueSight licenses, you must first install the basic BMC Atrium Orchestrator product components provided in the TrueSight Operations Management - Base License:

  • TrueSight Server Analyzer
  • TrueSight App & DB Analyzer
  • TrueSight Event Manager
  • TrueSight Impact Manager
  • TrueSight Infrastructure Management Suite
  • TrueSight Third Party and Custom Data Analyzer

When you purchase one of the TrueSight licenses that includes triage and remediation, you receive the license rights to the Atrium Orchestrator Runbooks - Triage and Remediation and the rights to the unrestricted use of the following three Atrium Orchestrator Base Adapters:

  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Windows Command Line

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