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Maintenance outage Saturday, September 18 at 9 PM CDT

This site,, will undergo a brief outage for maintenance on Saturday, September 18, at 9 PM.

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BMC HR Case Management provides numerous facilities for configuring the system options, such as company structure details, user groups, email settings, surveys, system menus. 

Only users with Standard Administrator or Standard  Master role can access the System Settings console and configure the system. 

To access the System Settings console

  1. On the Quick Access bar, click Actions.
  2. Click System Settings.
    The System Settings console displays a menu with settings that you can configure. 

The System Settings console provides the following options:

Navigation menuNavigation sub-menuYou can ...For details see
Foundation       CompanyView company nameConfiguring company organizational structure
GroupsCreate/delete/modify user groups Adding groups and roles
OrganizationsCreate/delete/modify company organizations, and departments within organizations.Configuring company organizational structure
Roles Management

Create/delete/modify custom roles for system users

Adding groups and roles
SLA ConfigurationCreate/delete/modify service level agreements for cases

Configuring service-level agreements

Survey ConfigurationCreate/delete/modify surveys related to cases that users are asked to complete when requests are resolved. Configuring surveys
Survey ReviewView surveys submitted by usersReviewing surveys
Application Settings

Approval Matrix

Create/delete/modify approval processes for cases that require some manager approvalConfiguring case approvals
Approval Process ConfigurationConfigure case approvals
Audit Configuration

Configure logging of operations related to cases, tasks, and people records

Configuring auditing for records history
Categories and Regions

Create/delete/modify categorization tiers to organize cases, tasks, sites, and site regions

Configuring categorization tiers for cases, sites, and site regions
Console Queries Create/delete/modify search filters for Cases , Tasks , People , and Solutions consolesConfiguring search filters for consoles
Journal Templates Configure the journal template for cases, tasks, and solutionsConfiguring Journal and Related Items
MenusCreate/delete/modify library for menus that are used in different consolesConfiguring menus
Notification TemplatesCreate/delete/modify notification templates library Configuring notification templates
OriginsCreate/delete/modify origins for cases and tasksConfiguring origins and priorities for cases
PriorityCreate/delete/modify sets of priorities for cases and tasksConfiguring origins and priorities for cases
RulesCreate/delete/modify rules that are triggered when a qualification is met.Configuring rules
Solution CategoryCreate/delete/modify categories and subcategories for solutionsConfiguring categories for solutions
Email SettingsIncoming Email - ReviewReview emails that are sent to HR support Reviewing emails
Incoming Email - Sender IgnoreConfigure to ignore cases creation when emails are sent to HR support mailbox from specific sendersConfiguring emails    
Incoming Email - SettingsConfigure automatic cases creation when emails are sent to HR support mailbox
Incoming Email - Subject Exclusion Configure to ignore cases creation when emails with a definite subject are sent to HR support mailbox
LocationsCitiesCreate/delete/modify cities library

Configuring location


CountriesCreate/delete/modify countries library
Postal CodesCreate/delete/modify postal codes library
SitesCreate/delete/modify company sites
States/ProvincesCreate/delete/modify library of states and provinces
Advanced SettingsActionsCustomize the Actions menuConfiguring the application appearance
File TypesConfigure blocking of file typesConfiguring file types and icons
Form library Modify forms libraryConfiguring forms and modules
Home Page SettingsConfigure the Home page appearance Configuring the application appearance
HTML Config Configure HTML for the Messages and Search consoles Configuring URL links and HTML
Journal icons

Configure icons for documents attached to cases, tasks, solutions Journal

Configuring file types and icons
Message CatalogCreate/delete/modify messages for system errors Configuring messages for system errors and notifications
ModulesCreate/delete/modify system modulesConfiguring forms and modules
Related Item TypesCreate/delete/modify related items for cases, tasks.Configuring Journal and Related Items
System Settings Console Config Create/delete/modify subcategories in the System Settings consoleConfiguring the application appearance
URL Link SettingsConfigure URL linksConfiguring URL links and HTML