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This table provides information about fixes and updates in the patch 1, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch.

Updates in the patch

In addition to the defects fixes for BMC HR Case Management, this patch includes the following updates in system settings:

  1. Emails settings now have three new options:
    • Handle HTML Body in New Emails setting in the Incoming Emails Settings - allows to decide whether to receive emails in plain text or in HTML format.
      When it is empty or No selected, email will be delivered as simple text. If Yes, HTML body displays. 
    • Incoming Mailbox Address setting in the Incoming Emails Settings  - allows to specify an incoming mail box address that will be used for incoming HR Case emails. The emails from other mail boxes will be ignored if the email is specified.
    • HTML Body and Plain Text Body view options in the Incoming Emails Review - allow to view emails that are sent in HTML.
  2. Postal Codes configuration improved postal codes editing logic:
  • Now multiple postal codes can be created for one country, and for one city.
  • The available postal codes can be deleted and modified.
  • Characters cannot be entered in a postal code, post codes can be of any length.
Known and corrected issues

Downloading the patch

For patch download instructions, see Downloading the installation files.

Installing the patch

To install this patch as an upgrade, see Upgrading.