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This section contains information about features in version 4.6.00 of the BMC HR Case Management product.


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

BMC HR Case Management 4.6. product is released by BMC for the first time. BMC HR Case Management product was acquired by BMC in August 2015.

Integration with BMC MyIT (Self Service)

BMC MyIT provides the front-end to employees.  BMC MyIT is a context-aware self-service application  that is  social, mobile, and formless. With MyIT 3.0.01, business users can now use BMC MyIT to connect with HR organizations anywhere, anytime, on any device by using BMC HR Case Management.

HR solutions and knowledge articles can be added to sections in the Universal Catalog. HR agents work in the HR Case Management console, and employees see updates to HR cases (such as an HR agent answering a question, or providing a form) displayed on the BMC MyIT timeline. Broadcasts can be sent from BMC HR Case Management and displayed to employees in BMC MyIT. For more information on BMC MyIT, see the BMC MyIT documentation.

If you also have BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM), your employees can access both IT and HR self-serve, and cases from the same application.

Smart Reporting

BMC HR Case Management now uses Smart Reporting to provide dynamic reports. Reports can  help you check the work load status of agents, monitor SLA status, and verify the efficiency of solutions. For more information, see Viewing reports.

Platform support 

HR Case Management relies on the BMC Remedy AR System server 9.1. The first version is supported on Microsoft Windows/ SQL Server. BMC HR Case Management can be installed as a part of several BMC solutions covering the needs of different business tasks. The BMC HR Case Management web interface based on the BMC Remedy Mid Tier, is supported in Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and Chrome. 


BMC HR Case Management follows the security standards: 

  • All the confidential information (PI, Challenge questions and Question responses) are encrypted at REST by using AES algorithm
  • Access permissions for cases are locked, and only valid users can access cases, even via API.


  1. Is it available for download on EPD?

    1. Hi Veeral,

      My apologies, but the instructions were wrong about downloading this product by using the Additional Products tab. I have updated the Downloading the installation files topic to make this correction.



      1. Hi Cathy,
        Thank you for your reply. I followed the steps, but still not able to see this product listed in EPD.

        Veeral Oza

        1. Hi Veeral,

          I think products become visible on EPD when they are part of your support contract. If this product is in your support contract, I wonder if there is an issue with your login ID.

          Please check your contract and login ID by contacting BMC Support from this link.



  2. Hi Veeral,

    BMC HR Case Management 4.6 is available from EPD. You must have access to the Additional Products tab in EPD.

    See Downloading the installation files for instructions.



  3. Are all of the MyIT features (Locations, Services, App zone) available when only installing with Case HR without ITSM?

    1. Hello!

      Sorry for not replying in time.

      The MyIT features do not depend on the products MyIT is integrated with.

      Integration with ITSM and BMC HR Case Management provides MyIT users with possibilities to search for service requests definitions (available in the MyIT Catalog) which originate from HR Case Management and ITSM.