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Product Name
Publisher Page
Other Application Server Middleware
TKU 2019-04-1
Change History
Varnish _Cache - Change History
Reports & Attributes
Varnish _Cache - Reports & Attributes
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Product Description

Varnish_Cache is a caching HTTP reverse proxy. It receives requests from clients and attempts to respond based on the cached information. If the information is missing, Varnish forwards the request to the backend, fetches the response, stores it in the cache and delivers it to the client.

Known Versions

  • 3.0.4
  • 3.0.5
  • 3.0.6
  • 3.0.7
  • 4.0.0
  • 4.0.1
  • 4.0.2
  • 4.0.3

Software Pattern Summary

Product Component

OS Type


Pattern Depth

Varnish CacheUnixPackage, ActiveInstance-based

Platforms Supported by the Pattern

The patterns discovers Varnish_Cache deployed on UNIX platforms only.


Software Instance Triggers


Trigger Node




Varnish Cachediscovered processcmdmatchesvarnishd

Simple Identification Mappings

The trigger process is given a simple identification mapping:



Varnish Cache

unix_cmd 'varnishd'

Obtaining the version information

If that fails, the pattern searches for the package that matches the following regular expression:

  • ^varnish(?:-release)?

Next, the pattern uses active versioning - runs the following command:

  • varnishd -V

and extracts the version from the command execution results.

Obtaining listening ports

The pattern retrieves information about the listening ports from the trigger process arguments.

Obtaining instance

The pattern retrieves information about the instance from the trigger process arguments.

Application Model Produced by Software Pattern


BMC Atrium Discovery uses the following approach for modeling Varnish_Cache components.
No preview.

Software Pattern Model

Pattern Trigger

The pattern triggers on a discovered varnishd process with existing arguments.

SI Depth

The patterns create an instance-based Software Instance with the key based on the trigger process arguments hash, SI type, and the host key.

Software Instance Modeling

Software Instance details of the Varnish_Cache generated with this pattern:

Software Context view

The image below is an example of software context view of the Varnish_Cache and related software:

 Click here to expand the legend...


Relationship creation

The pattern creates the following relationships:

  • client server communication relationship between the Varnish_Cache SI and the web servers that uses it.

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed to improving product versioning coverage and depth of
Varnish_Cache model.

Information Sources

Open Issues

There are no known open issues with this pattern.

The full text of this page is only available to our customers.

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