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Tags allow you to attach metadata to objects in the vSphere inventory to make these objects more sortable and searchable. There are Categories and Tags in vSphere inventory. We use Categories to group tags together and define how tags can be applied to objects.  And we use Tags to add metadata to inventory objects. We can also record information about your inventory objects in tags and use the tags in searches.

Each Category has cardinality attribute, which can be SINGLE or MULTIPLE. It allows assigning one or multiple Tags per Category.

In Discovery UI vSphere Tags will be displayed as following:

 <tag_name> := <tag_value> or

 <tag_name> := [<tag_value1>,<tag_value2>, <tag_value3>] or 

<tag_name> := [<tag_value1>]  

Where tag_name stands for Category name and tag_value stands for Tag name.


In order to discover vSphere Tags,  vCenter and vSphere Web API with token authentication credential types should be enabled on your Discovery appliance. One and the same username and password can be used for both.


Tags  will be assigned to VMware Virtual Machine node only, so if such were discovered the following node attributes will be added:



A dictionary of all <tag_name> := <tag_value> pairs. Visible in the UI.
A list of all <tag_names>

all tag_<tag_name> = <tag_value>, where <tag_name> can only contain letters, digits and the underscore character '_'. Special characters, and ':', '-', ' ' must be replaced with an underscore.


Tags attribute can be discovered only for vCenter v6.5+  using Discovery appliance v11.3+


VMware Docs. Tagging Objects

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