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    The following TKU releases have contained the following number of products with information on links to the National Vulnerability Database




    TKUProductsProduct versions
    TKU July 20163685736
    TKU August 201670910454
    TKU September 201694311304
    TKU October 201694611319
    TKU November 201692213612
    TKU December 201693413817



    TKUProductsProduct versions
    TKU January 2017108319239
    TKU February 2017109319522
    TKU March 2017110419912
    TKU June 2017110719008
    TKU August 2017111619383
    TKU September 2017111619495
    TKU October 2017111921295




    TKUProductsProduct versionsNotes
    TKU March 2018111820547
    TKU April 2018113521146
    TKU May 2018114421323
    TKU June 2018103920290Some product mappings in TKU May were false. These were removed in TKU June
    TKU July 2018105220617
    TKU August 2018105426372
    TKU September 2018105526258
    TKU October 2018105326808


    TKUTotal product types modeled by DiscoveryNumber of product types we have NVD information forProduct versionsNotes
    TKU January 2019
    103828083Some information removed that was based on deprecated NVD data
    TKU February 2019
    TKU March 201911741060 (90%)43827
    TKU April 201911741060 (90%)44809
    TKU May 201911861066 (90%)45802
    TKU July 201912041070 (89%)47301
    TKU August 201912151073 (88%)48693
    TKU September 201912161073 (88%)49811

    NVD does not publish information for all products.  So absence of NVD information on a software instance is likely to indicate absence of information in the NVD itself

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