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In order to discover database details you would need to configure Teradata JDBC driver and add appropriate credential, more information available here.

Product Architecture


Teradata_DBDetails pattern creates Database (or Database Detail) Nodes for all configured databases within the Teradata Database instance. It triggers off SoftwareInstance with type 'Teradata Database Server' and creates Database (or Database Detail) Node with type 'Teradata Database'.

Configuration Options

There are several configuration options available for this product:

ignore_databases := ["All", "Crashdumps", "DBC", "dbcmngr", ... "tdwm"]; - allows to ignore selected database names

retrieve_tables := false; - allows to retrieve tables

Database Listing

Pattern extracts list of database using the following query:

  • sql query: "SELECT * FROM DBC.DatabasesV WHERE DBKind = 'D'"

Pattern extracts defined tables within the given database using the following query:

  • sql query: "SELECT  DatabaseName, TableName, CreateTimeStamp, LastAlterTimeStamp  FROM DBC.TablesV  WHERE TableKind = 'T' and DatabaseName = <database_name>"

The following picture shows Teradata Database instance with databases:

The Database (or Detail) Node has the following model:

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