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TKU November 2018

In TKU November 2018 we added active versioning via 'tsm version' or 'tabadmin version'

TKU December 2018

In TKU December 2018 we added Filestore modeling and cluster support.

TKU November 2019

For TKU November 2019 we've updated product_version extraction for modern versions like 2018.2, 2019.3. (DRDC1-14122)

TKU February 2020

For TKU February 2020 we've introduced the following updates:

  • Updated getClusterId() function to get worker hosts. (DRDC1-14374)
  • Updated model_si() function to extract correct product version and cover the cases like : "2018.2.6". (DRDC1-14374)
  • Updated package_versioning() function to use .getMaxVersion function. (DRDC1-14374)
  • Updated Tableau cluster modeling in case worker hosts were obtained. Cluster key may be changed in this case. (DRDC1-14374)

TKU March 2020

For TKU March 2020 we've updated relationships modeling between Tableau SoftwareCluster and Server SIs . (DRDC1-14579)

TKU April 2020

For TKU April 2020 version assignment was updated. Now versions 18.x, 19.x, 20.x will be reported as 2018.x, 2019.x and 2020.x. (DRDC1-14844)

TKU July 2020

In TKU July 2020 we've updated the function in order to get configuration file path from process arguments in the first attempt. (DRDC1-15296)

TKU August 2020

In TKU August 2020 we've introduced the following updates:

  1. Regex for cluster id extraction was updated to avoid capture of carriage return character. (DRDC1-15535) 
  2. Added RemovalGroup to remove obsolete clusters. (DRDC1-15536)

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