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TKU July 2008

In July TKU we modified the functionalities of the Licensing approach for the product. Whenever an Invalid License is encountered, that License is now completely disregarded. Furthermore, where all the retrieved Licenses are Invalid, no SI gets modeled, and any former Storage Foundation SI on the host gets destroyed, in order to reflect that no valid Licenses are present. Finally, the key was simplified and changed to include only type and host.key, which makes the Second Order SI for Storage Foundation more easily manageable.


TKU October 2009

In TKU October we completely reorganized the way that we handle Licensing Data for Storage Foundation. Whereas this data used to be stored in Additional Attributes of the SI, it is now stored into Licensing Details, one for each licensed edition present on the host. Each of these details are directly linked from the Storage Foundation SI. To make it easier to employ the data present in these details, we outlined a number of sample Reports in the relevant page.

TKU December 2009

In TKU December we correctly check for full version being 'None' when creating a licensing details node.

2010 - 2014

TKU April 2010

In TKU April an issue that was introduced in TKU October 2009 with the introduction of Detail Nodes was resolved. The initial implementation of storage of license information on Detail Nodes did not create the Detail Node key which was unique enough which could lead to information about multiple licenses linked to a product being lost. The way the Detail Node key is generated has been improved in the update to the pattern.
Aditionally, parsing of output of license command for CPU count was improved - any trailing spaces removed from the value obtained (and therefore no longer in 'allowed_cpus' Detail Node attribute).

TKU June 2010

In TKU June an issue that was introduced in TKU April 2010 with the parsing of output of license command for CPU count which would cause failure to parse the CPU count was resolved.

TKU August 2010

In TKU August there were some slight changes to prevent race conditions that could occur when the Software Instance was searched for before it was added to the datastore
Additionally, Symantec VERITAS Storage Foundation pattern had code which creates second order SI updated to use model.setContainment() calls as per best practice guidelines.

TKU November 2014

In TKU November pattern branding and known_versions were updated, shot_name attribute was added to the pattern.

2015 and later

TKU January 2015

In TKU January 2015, the edition attribute was added to the pattern.

TKU November 2018

In TKU November 2018 we improved how we obtain licensing

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