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TKU July 2008

Product version parsing from the result of runCommand was using an incorrect regular expression (meaning it would accept single digit version instead of
at least major.minor). Regular expression improved in TKU July 2008.

TKU April 2009

Pattern for the Windows version Symantec VERITAS Enterprise Administrator has been added to the module.

TKU June 2009

In TKU June 2009 the trigger conditions were amended. The pattern now triggers on a process alone, the path is not checked. However, after triggering the pattern immediately checks the relevant packages and exists without creating a Software Instance if they do not. This ensures no false positives are created.

TKU September 2009

In TKU September 2009 a new Configuration section was added to the pattern module. Support for the Configuration section was added to the pattern to allow the execution of 'vxsvc -v', which requires root privileges, to be disabled. In addition, one unnecessary variable in the active versioning code was removed.

TKU November 2009

In TKU November 2009 the false positive checking was improved. The pattern now checks for more packages to ascertain if the trigger was a false positive

TKU February 2015

In TKU February 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Privilege command execution configuration using the pattern configuration block has been deprecated. A recommended method through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration is described here.

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.