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TKU October 2010

In TKU October 2010 Altiris Software Management Solution pattern was updated with SI destruction block of code, which removes it if the SI already exists on the host but was not verified during the current discovery run. BAI was also changed: now it creates a link to the related Altiris Agent only in case of presence of respective plugin type in 'deployed_agent_plugins' attribute of the Agent' SI.

TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012 the patterns were updated to deal with a number of potential ECA error issues.

TKU October 2012

In TKU October 2012 the SMS_BAI pattern was updated to create SI instead of BAI.

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 number of created relationships was reduced by removing the 2nd order SI(DRDC1-5971).