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Sybase ASE Database Installed Options and Edition information via SQL Query

This Sybase ASE pattern executes an SQL Query against the Database or interrogates a log file, both of which give an indication of the options that are installed on current Sybase ASE database instance.

SQL Query

The execution of a SQL Query against the Database gives an indication of the options that are installed on current Sybase ASE database instance as well as the edition (as licensed) of the Sybase ASE database.

The query shown below is basically a set of sequential calls of specific function license_enabled with the id of possible Option given as function attribute.

SQL Query executed to check install status of Options: select license_enabled('ASE_SERVER') as ASE_SERVER, license_enabled('ASE_SBE') as ASE_SBE, license_enabled('ASE_DEV') as ASE_DEV, license_enabled('ASE_HA') as ASE_HA, license_enabled('ASE_JAVA') as ASE_JAVA, license_enabled('ASE_ASM') as ASE_ASM, license_enabled('ASE_DTM') as ASE_DTM, license_enabled('ASE_EJB') as ASE_EJB, license_enabled('ASE_XFS') as ASE_XFS, license_enabled('ASE_EFTS') as ASE_EFTS, license_enabled('ASE_DIR') as ASE_DIR, license_enabled('ASE_DIRS') as ASE_DIRS, license_enabled('ASE_XRAY') as ASE_XRAY, license_enabled('ASE_XML') as ASE_XML, license_enabled('ASE_WEBSERVICES') as ASE_WEBSERVICES, license_enabled('ASE_MESSAGING') as ASE_MESSAGINGIf the SQL query is successful, the result is one row with with a value in each column corresponding to the database option being queried for. These values can be 1,0 or None. The pattern then does the following:

It compares the retrieved column value with '1', and for each match then attempts to map the column to either
*Edition - if mapped (only one will be mapped), the Sybase ASE Database Server SI the pattern triggered on is updated by adding to it an 'edition' attribute.
*Installed Option - if mapped, the pattern creates a 'Sybase ASE Installed Option' detail node for such Option and links it to the Sybase ASE Database Server SI.

The mapping below shows the ID and Names of possible Editions and Installed Option which pattern looks for:

Option ID

Edition Name




Small Business



Option ID

Option Name


High Availability




Advanced Security Mechanisms


Distributed Transaction Mgt.


Enterprise Java Beans


External File Systems


Full text search








Native XML in ASE


Webservices in ASE


Real-Time Database Services

The result is an easy-to-read Table, visible directly from the Software Instance.

Log File

This is only perfomed if the use_log_files configuration option in pattern Sybase.SybaseASE_Extended is enabled.  By default this option is disabled

The pattern attempts to find details of running databases from the server_instance.log file

The pattern checks the log file for "found during startup" and "Use license file" to ascertain the last boot time.  It will only check for lines that were logged after last boot time

The pattern then checks for " is now " to determine the details of the running databases

It is believed log file parsing gives a good description of the databases most of the time.  However databases can be shut down without an entry in the log file.  If this is the case BMC Discovery will show databases that are no longer running.  If this causes problems please disable the use_log_files configuration option in pattern Sybase.SybaseASE_Extended