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The Configipedia documentation space will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable on the weekend of 27/28 February 2021.

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TKU August 2010

In TKU August 2010 there were some slight changes to prevent race conditions that could occur when the Software Instance was searched for before it was added to the datastore

In addition, matching on the path has now been removed from the runEngine$.exe and runConsole$.exe trigger processes.

TKU April 2011

In TKU April 2011 a new pattern to identify the Sterling Commerce Control Center Agent running on UNIX platforms was added to the pattern module based on customer provided information.

TKU April 2013

In TKU February 2013 pattern trigger is updated, active versioning method was added, registry versioning method was enhanced and common code moved to the functions, added support for UNIX platforms.

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