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The Configipedia documentation space will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable on the weekend of 27/28 February 2021.

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TKU April 2010

In TKU April 2010, the publisher was changed from "Business Objects" to "SAP AG".

TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011 the 'publishers' value in metadata was set to "SAP" for consistency with other patterns.

TKU July 2013

In TKU July 2013 a product version mapping table was added.

TKU August 2013

In TKU August 2013 the software instance type was updated to ensure it properly reflects the different publishers that have published the product during it's lifecycle, (the known versions section of the documentation has full details)

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 there was a slight change to the way the product attribute was reported

TKU November 2014

In TKU November 2014 software instance type was changed from SAP Crystal Query Server to SAP Crystal Report Application Server, known_versions updated and short_name attribute added.

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