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TKU August 2009

In TKU August the pattern has been updated with a change to the way the SI key is generated in order to make it much less susceptible to minor changes in trigger process args.
The SI key group is now generated using the following criteria:

  • If the path to the JBoss Rules library (i.e. drools-core<n>.jar) is obtained from the command-line args, then this is used as the grouping mechanism to create Software Instances grouped by installation
  • If the path to the JBoss Rules library has not been obtained, then the grouping mechanism is a combination of the process command and the 'classpath' from the trigger process. The string created has a hash applied to it to prevent the key from becoming very long. Grouping by installation is again achieved.

The pattern major version has been incremented since the mechanism for SI key creation has been updated.

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