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Pattern Goal

The goal of the Progress OpenEdge RDBMS Database Detail pattern is to obtain the list of Databases being managed by Progress OpenEdge RDBMS.

The information is then stored within the Atrium Discovery Model as DatabaseDetail Nodes. In Atrium Discovery 8.3 and later, the DatabaseDetail node has additional attributes added which permit easy mapping by the CMDB sync mechanism to the BMC_Database CIs in Atrium CMDB.

Obtaining databases

UNIX platform:

The pattern obtains the list of databases running on the server by running the /usr/sysop/dbbin/prodbchk command after which the following regular expression is used to retrieve the database names:-

  • db/(.*)\.db

Windows platform:

The pattern obtains the list of databases from configuration file, specified in "-properties" argument for process "_mprosrv". Names stored as [database.<db_name>] keys.

A DatabaseDetail node of type "Progress OpenEdge Database" is created for all the databases. The key of the node is a combination of Progress OpenEdge RDBMS SI key, DatabaseDetail type and Database name. A containment relationship is created between the list of databases and the Progress OpenEdge RDBMS SI. This ensures that for every run the DatabaseDetail nodes which are absent since the previous run are deleted.

Open Issues

Where two or more installations on a single host, the exact same prodbchk command will be executed and the exact same set of databases returned. Any assistance you can provide to resolve this matter will be greatly appreciated.