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TKU July 2008

Prior to this release, the pattern Sun.SolarisLDom.LogicalDomainManager could fail with an ECA Engine error if the command executed to list the Solaris logical domains fails and does not return data in expected format.
The pattern was not checking that the data is in expected format before trying to parse it.
Pattern code has been updated in TKU July 2008 to check the data prior to parsing it.


TKU July 2010

Pattern code has been updated in TKU July 2010 to ensure that in case it triggers on a non-Solaris host (false positive due to a similar process name), a Software Instance will not be created.


TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011 the pattern was updated to set 'vendor' and 'model' attributes in the HostContainer node as this is used by CMDB mapping patterns.

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 the pattern was updated to set 'ldom_name' and 'ldom_role' attribute of the Host nodes that are actually logical domain hosts


TKU May 2012

In TKU May 2012 Enhancement done to LogicalDomainManager pattern to provide facility to execute that lists the logical domains with privilege escalation

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012 NetworkInterface replaced with __all_mac_addrs in LogicalDomainManager pattern.

TKU December 2012

In TKU December 2012 the pattern was updated with additional package regex to support versioning on Solaris 11


TKU March 2013

In TKU March 2013 implemented management of HostContainment relationship to cater for the scenario where guest domain moves to another physical host.

TKU April 2013

In TKU April 2013 two additional methods to find related Control and Guest Domains added.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 there were some minor bug fixes to internal functionality

TKU June 2013

In TKU June 2013 priviledged command execution code for DRD pattern was updated with minor changes.

TKU September 2013

In TKU September 2013 the pattern was renamed to Oracle VM Server for SPARC and new known versions were added.

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 the cdm_vm_enabler_type attribute is now set on created SIs and cdm_virtual_system_type on the host.


TKU February 2015

In TKU February 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Privilege command execution configuration using the pattern configuration block has been deprecated. A recommended method through the BMC Atrium Discovery platform configuration is described here.


TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 the following changes were introduced:

  • 'vio-service' ldom extraction was added. (DRDC1-5967)
  • Serial number was added to Host Container name.(DRDC1-5941)
  • Host Container serial attribute was populated which takes host serial number value .(DRDC1-5941)

TKU September 2016

In TKU September 2016  updated code for removing incorrectly set values by old pattern


TKU October 2017

In TKU October 2017 updated HostContainer name and short_name attributes to only include host serial, or if empty, host ID (Esc 111986)


TKU July 2018

In TKU July 2018  anchorRemovalGroup and setRemovalGroup were added to avoid stale LDOM links for cases when 'ldm list-domain -l -p' command is not executed. (DRDC1-11496)

TKU October 2018

In TKU October 2018  added "virtinfo -ap" command privileged run.

TKU February 2019

In TKU February 2019  added 'type' attribute for HostContainment function to prevent removal of links to another HostContainers (DRDC1-12623)

TKU September 2019

In TKU September 2019  updated package versioning approach (DRDC1-13705)

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  1. TKU April 2016 should be updated to reflect that not only did they add the Serial Number to the Host Container name, they also populated the Host Container Serial Number attribute with the serial number.