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2008 & 2009

TKU October 2008

In TKU October 2008 the pattern was updated to allow additional attributes on the SI, db_path and socket_file, to be visible at all times, not just when in debug mode.

TKU December 2008

In TKU December 2008 port information was added to the Software Instance. In addition, the configuration file path is now also obtained from the command line arguments.
The key for the SI (in cases where instance-based SI is created) now only uses port, type and host.key and no longer uses either port or datadir making it more stable.

TKU January 2009

In TKU January 2009 we fixed a bug with the way DB path was reported. On the DB path no longer includes extraneous quotes or hard returns.

TKU July 2009

In TKU July 2009 we enhanced the regular expressions used to extract the configuration file path out of the trigger process' command line arguments to cater for notation such as '"--defaults-file=<config_file_path>"'.

2010 & 2011

TKU March 2010

In TKU March 2010 we amended the key. Now if the key includes the data directory it will be stored as a hash rather than as plain text. This should ensure the key is always less than 256 characters long

TKU April 2010

In TKU April 2010the regular expressions getting datadir from the Windows command line args were tightened. In addition, the datadir was hashed before adding it to the key in an alternative location in the code and one regular expression, (?m)^datadir="?(.+?)["\r], had '(?m)' changed to '(?i)'.

TKU May 2010

In TKU May 2010 details of the bind address was added

TKU September 2011

In TKU September 2011 pattern was updated to set the SoftwareServerType value which is used in CDM mapping on sync to CMDB (QM001720909). Furthermore, within the pattern metadata the publishers value has been set to 'MySQL' (Zilla 15044)

2013 & 2014

TKU April 2013

In TKU April 2013 the pattern was enhanced through addition of a method to obtain configuration information through file parsing on UNIX platforms in preference to running a command (QM001785200).
Additionally, registry versioning method was updated, and the publisher and SI type is now set based on version of the product to align it with entries in Atrium Product Catalog Data Updates.
Finally, the SI key was simplified and made consistent in cases where path to the data directory is not discovered.

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013 the '--verbose' option in active command is now removed when running against versions of the product prior to 4.1.1. Port is now extracted from command line arguments and "3.21" has been added as a known version.

TKU June 2013

In TKU June 2013 the pattern was updated in a number of ways:

  • Instance and bind_address are now extracted from command line arguments
  • Port is now extracted from specific section in config file where instance is known
  • Improved the port configuration file regular expressions
  • Improved the bind_address configuration file regular expressions, making them ipV6 compatible
  • Edition support was added.
  • Datadir in key is now lowercased on Windows prior to being hashed.
  • Instance (if available) is now included in the key if both datadir and port are not known

TKU November 2013

In TKU November 2013 the pattern edition regex was enhanced.

TKU April 2014

In TKU April 2014  pattern was updated to support MariaDB and Percona Database Servers SI.

TKU August 2014

In TKU August 2014  pattern was updated to improve identification of the Oracle MySQL Database Servers process (QM001850069).

2015 & 2016

TKU August 2015

In TKU August 2015 pattern was updated with a PRIV_RUNCMD added to the versioning command with following syntax:  'PRIV_RUNCMD "%full_process_cmd_path%" -V  

TKU November 2016

In TKU November 2016 we updated the extended discovery pattern.  The pattern now attempts to find database information by a file query if the database queries fail


TKU March 2017

In TKU March 2017 two of the versioning methods were switched round so that registry versioning is now performed before package versioning. Function names were also updated according to the CommonFunctions changes.

TKU May 2017

In TKU May 2017 support for MariaDB and Percona were moved into the MySQL pattern module.

TKU June 2017

In TKU June 2017 we updated active versioning.  We now try additional methods to get the installation root

TKU November 2017

In TKU November 2017 support for Infobright database was added. (DRDC1-8026) Updated db_path extraction.

2018 & 2019

TKU January 2018

In TKU January 2018 the following changes were made to the pattern:

  • instance extraction regex updated (DRDC1-10653)
  • datadir extraction regex updated (DRDC1-10653)
  • version 5.7 was added to known_versions list (DRDC1-10653)

TKU February 2018

In TKU February 2018 fixed an issue where command to determine the full path could run without partial path.

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU September 2019

In TKU September 2019 improved the patterns to identify the MariaDB Server deployed in IBM Cloud Private.

TKU December 2019

In TKU December 2019 we updated the list of packages used for versioning


TKU June 2020

In TKU June 2020 we made the software instance name smarter.  It now adds only the information that is necessary to distinguish between multiple instances on the same host

TKU July 2020

In TKU July 2020 modified datadir extraction from config file (DRDC1-14654)

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