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    This is a product information page, containing details of the information that BMC Discovery gathers about a product and how it is obtained.
    Product Name
    Publisher Page
    Other Development and Deployment Software
    TKU 2018-Aug-1
    Change History
    Oracle Forms - Change History
    Reports & Attributes
    Oracle Forms - Reports & Attributes
    Publisher Link

    Product Description

    Oracle Forms, a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, is Oracle's long-established technology to design and build enterprise applications quickly and efficiently. 

    Known Versions

    • 4.0
    • 4.5
    • 5
    • 6
    • 6i
    • 9i
    • 10g
    • 10g Release 2
    • 11g Release 1
    • 11g Release 2

    Software Pattern Summary

    Product ComponentOS TypeVersioningPattern Depth
    Oracle FormsWindows, UnixRelated SIInstance-based

    For version 6, 6i:

    Product ComponentOS TypeVersioningPattern Depth
    Oracle Forms Metric ServerWindows, UnixRelated SIInstance-based
    Oracle Forms Metric ClientWindows, UnixRelated SIInstance-based
    Oracle Forms ServerWindows, UnixActive, ProcessInstance-based

    Platforms Supported by the Pattern

    The pattern supports UNIX and Windows platforms.


    Software Instance Triggers

    Trigger NodeAttributeConditionArgument
    Software Componentinstancematches(?i)^formsapp#(\d+(?:\.\d+)*)


    Version information for the product is retrieved from the related primary SI whose software component triggered the process.

    For 6, 6i:

    Active versioning

    Version is obtained from the output of the "f60gen help=y" command.

    Process versioning

    Version is obtained from the related process.

    Application Model Produced by Software Pattern

    Product Architecture

    Software Pattern Model

    The Oracle Forms pattern triggers on the new software component with instance that matches the following regular expression:

    • (?i)^formsapp#(\d+(?:\.\d+)*)

    Pattern will also create a dependency link to the primary SI whose software component triggered the process.

    SI Depth

    The pattern produces an instance based Software Instance for Oracle Forms, with the SI key that is created using the SI type (Oracle Forms) and the key from the SI whose software component triggered the pattern.

    Subject Matter Expertise

    Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed above to improving product versioning coverage and depth of Oracle Forms and components.


    The pattern for Oracle Forms was tested using actual installations of BMC Atrium Discovery.

    Information Sources


    Open Issues


    Created By: Vadym Ratnuk (10 December 2014)

    Updated by: Dmytro Ostapchuk (26 October 2016)