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Product Name
Nutanix Block
Publisher Page
System Software and Hardware
TKU 2018-Feb-ADDM-11.3
More Information
Publisher Link

Product Description

Nutanix Block – a Nutanix rackable unit containing up to four nodes. It is the main building block of each cluster. More information related to Nutanix Cluster can be found here.


From user perspective there are two approaches/views of Nutanix product : Cluster view (Software) and Block(Hardware) view.

Nutanix Block will be modeled as HostContainer or HardwareContainer (for BMC Discovery11.3+ ) node and will contain related hosts.

Nutanix Storage Containers will create connections to corresponding Nutanix Blocks.

Known Models

  • NX-1065S
  • NX-1065S-G4
  • NX-1065-G5
  • NX-1065S-G5
  • NX-1155-G5
  • NX-1175S-G5
  • NX-3060-G4
  • NX-3060-G5
  • NX-3060-G6
  • NX-3155G-G4
  • NX-3155G-G5
  • NX-3175-G4
  • NX-3175-G5
  • NX-6035C
  • NX-6035-G4
  • NX-6035-G5
  • NX-6155-G5
  • NX-7110
  • NX-8150
  • NX-8150-G4
  • NX-8150-G5
  • NX-8035-G5
  • NX-9060-G4
  • Dell XC430-4
  • Dell XC630-10
  • Dell XC730-16G
  • Dell XC730xd-12c
  • Dell XC730xd-12
  • Dell XC6320-6
  • Dell XC730xd-24
  • Lenovo HX3500
  • Lenovo HX5500
  • Lenovo HX7500

Software pattern summary

Product componentOS typeVersioningPattern Depth

Platforms Supported by the Pattern

Nutanix Block can be discovered on Unix/Linux platform.


Software Instance Triggers

PatternTrigger NodeAttributeConditionArgument
Nutanix_BlockHost 'kernel'matchesregex 'nutanix\S+\cvm'

Node Attributes

The patterns in this module will set the following attributes:

node type



HardwareContainer (for BMC Discovery 11.3+)

typeNutanix Block
serial <serial>
u_size <u_size>

All the attribute values are taken from its Nutanix CVM and parced with the help of hostListFromCVM function.

Nutanix Block Name attribute takes its Serial Number value.

Software Pattern Model

Nutanix Block Pattern triggers on Control Virtual Machines and tries to obtain rack (Nutanix Block) list using Nautanix hostListFromCVM function.
Then it creates HostContainer or HardwareContainer (for BMC Discovery11.3+ ) node for each Nutanix Block.


Pattern creates Containment relationship to its related hosts.

Links to related products

Nutanix Cluster

Acropolis hypervisor (Red Hat KVM)

Nutanix Storage Systems

Nutanix Storage Discovered Information

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expert input will be welcome on any other potential approaches not discussed.


The patterns have been tested against the live installations on Unix platforms.

Information Sources

Some additional information can be found in these sources:

Open Issues

There are no known open issues with this pattern.
The full text of this page is only available to our customers.

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