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TKU Network team is focusing on core networking infrastructure (Router, Switch, Firewall, Layer-3 Switch, Hub, Gateway, SAN Switch, Load Balancer), network printers and management controllers types of devices.

For any new device support request please create a BMC Support Case with details: vendor, model names, sysObjectOID as well a SNMP device capture. Detailed instruction of how to get SNMP device capture can be found here.

Also, remember that you can always create an SNMP Device Recognition rule to discover your unsupported devices until they get added into a TKU release. Please visit this page Recognizing SNMP devices to know more about this.

The current schedule for TKU releases is available on Schedule and Roadmap .

The full list of already supported network devices (ADDM 8.2 and above), printers (ADDM 8.3 and above), SNMP managed devices (ADDM 9.0 and above) and management controllers (ADDM 10.2 and above) is available on the list of discoverable network devices, the list of discoverable printers, the list of discoverable SNMP managed devices and the list of discoverable management controllers

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