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2010 - 2014

TKU September 2010

In TKU September 2010 some slight changes were made to the way the pattern links to remote Software Instances

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 extra known versions were added

Furthermore, the datastore search calls made in the pattern module have been reviewed and their efficiency improved where appropriate

TKU May 2012

In TKU May 2012 some changes were made to better model the legacy Microsoft Systems Management Server. The automatic linking between clients and their server was also removed to improve pattern performance. Users can still discover what clients are server is linked to by running a manual query

TKU August 2012

From TKU August 2012 a software instance with a legacy type (Microsoft Systems Management Server) is created when no version information is obtained

TKU January 2014

In TKU January 2014 there was a small change to the regular expressions used for package versioning.

2015 and later

TKU May 2015

In TKU May 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The pattern now supports the recent versions of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Improved package versioning of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.(QM001879301)

TKU August 2015

In TKU August 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Package versioning

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 the new known versions of the product were added.

TKU August 2019

In TKU August 2019 we made some minor changes to the internal logic of the pattern without altering functionality

TKU December 2019

In TKU December 2019 we improved the code to map internal version to product version

TKU July 2020

In TKU July 2020 Product version mapping to Full Version was fixed (DRDC1-15191)


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