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2008 & 2009

TKU Sep 2008

In TKU September we enhanced the Microsoft SQL Server pattern so it would recognise additional build numbers of the product.

TKU Nov 2008

New Versioning capabilities added in TKU November - versioning now performed by WMI Query in preference to Registry Query, since if it succeeds the full_version will reflect all hotfixes applied

TKU Dec 2008

In TKU December update, the pattern attempts to obtain listening port information.
In addition to this, the pattern attempts to obtain the list of databases managed by the SQL Server instance
The code that determines whether an instance-based or group-based SI will be created has been improved to create instance-based SIs more often

TKU Dec 2009

In TKU December update, we made changes to the pattern to ensure Additional Attributes were only displayed in the UI when their contents was populated.


TKU Jan 2010

In TKU January we revised the versioning mechanism, particularly pertaining to the WMI Query method. Trailing zeros are now removed from the bottom of the extracted version, and the mapping table was subsequently simplified to accomodate this change.

TKU June 2010

In TKU June 2010 an inconsistency where the port attribute could be set as either integer or string (depending on how the data was obtained) was removed. The port attribute is always set to string. Finally, additional SQL Server versions were added to product version mapping table.

TKU July 2010

In TKU July 2010 extra registry keys were added to check for version

TKU September 2010

In TKU September 2010 a change was made to ensure the pattern does not check for registry keys that clearly do not exist

TKU October 2010

In TKU October 2010 a number of additional registry keys were added to support the acquisition of edition and backup directory information for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.


TKU January 2011

In TKU January 2011 a number of changes were made on the pattern:

  • Further improved obtaining information from the MS SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Updated the mechanism used to map the full version to product version. The mapping is now done more generically which will lead to less frequent need to update version mapping tables.
  • The pattern now tries to determine if the DB server is listening on a specific IP address and stores this information as a 'bind_address' SI attribute.
    • This information can be used by Deep DB discovery patterns shipping with ADDM 8.2 to query the database server using a specific IP address

TKU March 2011

In TKU March 2011 the pattern has been further enhanced to determine whether the discovered SQL Server is within an SQL Server cluster, and if so to attempt to determine the cluster IP address the SQL server is listening on. If the information is obtained, it can be used by Deep DB discovery patterns shipping with ADDM 8.2 to query the database server using a specific IP address

TKU May 2011

In TKU May 2011 the SQL Server pattern has been further enhanced with an additional approach to determining the cluster IP address for SQL Server instances that are part of an SQL Server.
Furthermore, the SQL Server Database Detail pattern was updated to optionally obtain database sizes (in KB) and store them as an attribute of DatabaseDetail nodes, as well as to optionally execute the 'sp_databases' query as the primary query to obtain the list of databases

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 all the creation code for DatabaseDetail nodes was moved to the extended pattern. Should the extended pattern be unable to get a list of databases from a JDBC database query, it will attempt to get such a list from a directory listing or command. In addition, the path to the data directory is now alternatively obtained from registry.

TKU November 2011

In TKU November 2011 an explicit database query to get the list of databases was added to support Microsoft SQL Server 2000. In addition, the list of databases can now also be obtained via a WMI Query. The file-based method of getting the list of databases was moved to become the last of the four methods. The pattern now handles the storing of multiple listening ports by the addition of a new attribute, port_list, on the Software Instance.


TKU January 2012

In TKU January 2012 the extended database details pattern was modified to handle correctly database filenames that contain a space.

TKU February 2012

In TKU February 2012 for SQL Server 2000, added support for obtaining listening IP address when it is part of a cluster.

TKU March 2012

In TKU March 2012, the deep discovery pattern module now prevents a null database detail node being appended to db_details list. WMI queries now partially handles named instances and searches for both PerfFormattedData and PerfRawData. In addition, the pattern now correctly handles database filenames containing a '$'.

TKU May 2012

In TKU May 2012, the pattern was updated with SP information moved to the correct attribute to make SI attribute values consistent with those of other discovered Microsoft products. Content of the SI 'name' attribute was left the same (to include SP information if present).

TKU June 2012

In TKU June 2012, the pattern compatible with Atrium Discovery 8.3 and later was updated through an addition of a 'product' SI attribute set to combination of 'type' and 'edition' to improve CMDB mapping that is used by the Atrium Product Catalog

TKU July 2012

In TKU July 2012, the file-based database discovery method in the extended pattern now creates Detail nodes instead of DatabaseDetail nodes. In addition, a configuration option has been added to enable file-based database discovery, it now being disabled by default. Support of IPAddress node was added.

TKU September 2012

In TKU September 2012, the extended pattern was updated to resolve an issue with obtaining a list of databases via SQL query when discovering SQL Servers with case sensitive collation settings. Furthermore the extended pattern was updated to reduce the number of individual messages relating to table detail node creation being written to the log file.

TKU October 2012

In TKU October 2012, the pattern was updated with the addition of a method to obtain the binding address for clustered instances. In addition, a trigger process containing a '~' is now normalized using a common function as well as any calls to the Windows Registry now also searching in the Wow6432Node space.

In the extended pattern module, one SQL query to obtain database list, 'SELECT name AS database_name FROM SYS.SYSDATABASES' was updated to 'SELECT name AS database_name FROM sys.sysdatabases' to support both case insensitive and case sensitive setups.

TKU November 2012

In TKU November 2012, an issue in the pattern which could in certain circumstances cause the pattern to exit with an ECA engine error was corrected (QM001773290).

TKU December 2012

In TKU December 2012, the pattern was updated so that SQL servers that are in a cluster have a 'cluster_name' attribute set in case this is obtained via a registry query (QM001774745)
Furthermore, the pattern has had a minor update to ensure mapping of certain attributes to Atrium CMDB BMC_Product CI matches Atrium Product Catalog Data (as published by BMC)

2013 & 2014

TKU May 2013

In TKU May 2013, the pattern was enhanced to improve identification of SQL Server 2012 and registry queries added to obtain edition information when discovering SQL Server 2012.
Finally, the product version mapping tables were updated.

TKU Feb 2014

In TKU Feb 2014, the extended pattern was updated in having underscore removed from servername in WMI query calls.

TKU Mar 2014

In TKU Mar 2014, the extended pattern was updated in having dollar characters removed from servername in WMI query calls in addition to underscores.

TKU Apr 2014

In TKU Apr 2014, registry key parsing for port extraction was improved.

TKU May 2014

In TKU May 2014,fixed ECA error caused by absent cmdline attribute in DiscoveredService node.

TKU Jun 2014

In TKU Jun 2014, better handling of special characters (_, $) within servername in WMI query call was added to the DatabasesAndTables pattern within the Extended Discovery pattern.

TKU Aug 2014

In TKU Aug 2014, the pattern includes the following updates:

  • New alternative method of handling database sizes to correctly identify all possible values.
  • More version pairs added to the Microsoft SQL Server version mapping table.

TKU September 2014

From TKU Sep 2014, the pattern includes the following updates:

  • Discovery of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Edition has been improved. The pattern now allows using an alternative database query versioning method.
  • Short_name and listening_ports attributes have been added.
  • Improved versions table (QM001857216). 


TKU April 2015

In TKU April 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The following problem was resolved: The pattern might extract the database detail information for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 incorrectly.(QM001878047)
  • The following problem was resolved: The pattern execution might cause an ECA error.(QM001877183)

TKU May 2015

In TKU May 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • The following problem was resolved: the pattern could fail to retrieve database size when it exceeds 2,147,483,647 kb. (QM001879574)


TKU August 2015


In  TKU August 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:


  • The following problem was resolved : the pattern could extend MS SQL Database Discovery Failing (QM001884046 )

TKU September 2015

In TKU September 2015 we fixed a bug regarding database query calls to remote hosts

TKU October 2015

In TKU October 2015 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • An alternative approach of obtaining db_list was added.(QM001887767)(QM001887528)

TKU November 2015

In TKU November 2015 we made an improvement to the TKU September 2015 bug fix regarding database query calls to remote hosts


TKU Feburary 2016

From TKU February 2016 we explicitly show databases that have an edition of Windows Internal Database

TKU March 2016

In TKU March 2016 the pattern was updated with the following changes:

  • Now checks port as a string value prior to converting to an integer.
  • Release mapping tables updated

TKU April 2016

In TKU April 2016 we updated the regular expression used to obtain instance name. In addition, the release mapping tables was further updated.

TKU May 2016

In TKU May 2016 we tidied the code used to obtain the cluster name and implemented a better method of discovering the hosting node should a cluster name not be known

TKU October 2016

In TKU October 2016 we tidied the code to obtain cluster and port information

TKU November 2016

In TKU November 2016 order of obtaining database details was changed to allow pattern to collect data for databases with autoclose option enabled (DRDC1-7263)

TKU December 2016

In Technology Knowledge Update 2016-Dec-1 more version pairs added to the Microsoft SQL Server version mapping table.


TKU January 2017

In TKU January 2017:

  • We made additional changes on mechanism of port obtaining. If registry query has more than one port - each will be checked for active listening.
  • We updated the cluster model.  We now only model a SQL Server SI as running under a cluster when the cluster node has the correct ClusterService
  • We made a slight update to the code to map internal version to product version

TKU March & April 2017

In TKU March 2017 we improved WMI versioning.  We now add a mapping from the build number WMI gives us to the internal version number.  (There was a small bug in this update that we fixed in TKU April 2017)

TKU May & June 2017

In TKU May 2017 we:

  • Improved the way we map from the internal version to the product version
  • Improved our cluster model (there was a small bug in this update that we fixed in TKU June 2017)

TKU September 2017

In TKU September 2017

  • we improved the key of the Software Instance.  
  • We also made a minor fix to how we obtain version information from database queries
  • hosting_node identification code is replaced with cluster_support_functions.getHostingNode() function which contains MSCluster specific rules. (DRDC1-9440, DRDC1-9432)

TKU October 2017

In TKU October 2017 we added:


TKU January 2018

In TKU January 2018 there was

  • a minor bug fix concerning how we find the path to the ERRORLOG
  • removed incorrect registry key for MSSQL clustername extraction

TKU July 2018

In TKU July 2018 we added details of package versioning

TKU October 2018

In TKU October 2018 we made a small update to how we map from internal version to product version

TKU November 2018

In TKU November 2018 we improved the way we obtain attributes from registry keys  


TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

TKU August 2019

In TKU August 2019 we updated versioning.  The pattern tries a database query as the best way to get versioning.  Other methods are only attempted if the database query fails

TKU September 2019

In TKU September 2019 we fixed a minor bug with the trigger on Linux

TKU November 2019

In TKU November 2019 we fixed a minor bug with WMI versioning

TKU December 2019

From TKU December 2019:

  • We no longer create a service_pack attribute on Software Instances where no service_pack exists
  • We create a SoftwareService link from the SI to the relevant ClusterService, if applicable 


TKU January 2020

From TKU January 2020 we report the license key

TKU March 2020

In TKU March 2020 we made a small bug fix to how we report the Software Instance name

TKU April 2020

In TKU April 2020 we made the following changes:

TKU June 2020

In TKU June 2020 there was a small bug fix to the query we use to find the creation_date attribute

TKU August 2020

In TKU August 2020 we removed support from multi instance installations on Linux.  This is not how Microsoft recommend you install their software on Linux

TKU October 2020

From TKU October 2020 we report "" as the bind_address whenever we see as the bind address in the Linux configuration file.  We made a slight improvement to how we map internal version to product_version

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