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The Configipedia documentation space will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable on the weekend of 27/28 February 2021.

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TKU October 2009

In TKU October 2009 a small issue with the way WMI namespace was being passed to our Discovery has been resolved. Functionality of the pattern has stayed the same.

TKU October 2011

In TKU October 2011 some changes were made to the way versioning is handled to bring the pattern in to line with other Microsoft Office products

TKU November 2011

In TKU November 2011 the GrooveOfficeClient pattern was updated to give the correct Software Instance type depending on the version. There was also a slight change to the order versioning methods are attempted in this pattern.

TKU April 2019

In TKU April 2019 the following changes were made:

  • Pattern runCommands updated.

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